About the SBAA

The Serbian Bar Association of America (SBAA) is the professional organization for Serbian-American attorneys, legal professionals, and law students.  For over twenty-five years, the SBAA has provided networking and career support to Serbian-Americans in the legal profession, and helped represent the interests of the Serbian community in the United States.  The SBAA, along with its sister organization the SBAA Scholarship Foundation, is also dedicated to providing financial assistance to Serbian-American law students through its annual Scholarship Gala.

The SBAA’s mission is to maintain and advance the honor and dignity of the legal profession, especially amongst lawyers of Serbian ancestry; to protect the interests of the people of the United States and Canada, especially those of Serbian ancestry; to protect the civil rights of all, especially religious liberties of Orthodox Christians in the United States and Canada; and to cultivate interaction amongst members of the Association.  For more information about the SBAA, contact us at sbaa@serbbar.org.